Canada “Extremely Worried” About NAFTA Direction

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

naftaCanada is “extremely worried” behind the scenes regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations.

News network CTV of Canada reports the latest round of negotiations has caused concerns.

The U.S. has since tabled a measure to dismantle Canada’s dairy supply management system, but the issue is likely to come up again. Canada refuses to make changes to the system, while the U.S. dairy industry is supporting the proposal.

However, dairy is one of several U.S. proposals Canada calls “unreasonable.” A Canada NAFTA Advisory Council member says more people are saying “it looks like the Americans are driving towards a cliff on this, and Canada will have to follow.” Trade officials from Canada say the U.S. has set the stage for the nation to either pull out or get the “America first” agreement, which “doesn’t put Canada in a very good spot.”

The negotiations will continue next month in Mexico.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.