Canada Expands TB Quarantines

Dan General

cattle-grazing-on-saskatchewan canada field
Quarantines related to the discovery of bovine tuberculosis in Canada have expanded into the Saskatchewan providence. Ag Canada reports two farms in southwestern Saskatchewan were added to the list of those under quarantine. The quarantines stem from an Alberta cow testing positive for bovine tuberculosis at a United States packing plant. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently reported approximately 33 farms in Alberta are under quarantine while the nation investigates the case, which could take several months. The agency has only confirmed one case and the source of infection so far remains “unknown.” The agency says genetic analysis also shows the bovine TB organism from the infected cow is not the same as any strains detected in domestic animals or wildlife to date in Canada. Canada is still considered officially free of bovine TB and would lose that status only if another separate case is confirmed within 48 months. Other TB-positive animals found in connection to the current probe would not be considered a separate case.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.