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Canada Defeats GMO Labeling Bill

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gmo labeling billMembers of Canada’s Parliament defeated a GMO labeling bill last week. The bill was handed a landslide defeat, with 67 members voting yes, and 216 voting no. The bill would have mandated GMO labeling in Canada. Online food industry publication FoodNavigator-USA reports the bill specified that Canada’s Food and Drugs Act be amended to say “No person shall sell any food that is genetically modified unless its label contains information to prevent the purchaser or the consumer of the food from being deceived or misled in respect of its composition.” However, critics pointed out that the bill failed to properly define the term genetically modified, with opponents arguing the wording of the bill was too vague. The vote follows a similar move by the United States the passed the U.S. Congress last year.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.