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Canada Staying Calm and Constructive Amidst Trade Talks

Dan Industry News Release, Trade

As President Donald Trump has ratcheted up the conversation on trade, Canada is sticking to it’s “keep-calm” strategy.

canada tradeWhile the European Union immediately offered a list of targeted U.S. products in response to Trump’s tariff plan for steel and aluminum, Reuters says Canada is trying to stay constructive, and use negotiations for a better outcome. For now, the tariff plan rolled out by Trump includes exemptions for Canada and Mexico, if the three nations agree to a fair North American Free Trade Agreement.

The mood by Canada reflects comments by Canadian trade officials who earlier this week said threatening retaliations and striking back at the U.S. “just irritates” President Trump. Although, officials say Canada does have a list of products for retaliation against the steel and aluminum tariffs, if warranted. Another trade official from Canada says “it’s pointless” to talk publicly about retaliation measures “until you have to act.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.