SuperBowl: Calories Consumed

Taylor Hillman Features, This Land of Ours

Keeping your calories in check while indulging in the big game this weekend. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

This Land of Ours – Superbowl Calories

Super Bowl food is most commonly pegged in the appetizer department, and is considered the second biggest American eating holiday of the year – just behind Thanksgiving.

According to the Calorie Council Control, the average American will shovel in 24-hundred calories during the big game. Even a moderate consumption of some of the popular party favorites, chicken wings, pizza, beef nachos, beer and chips can quickly add up to the 24-hundred calorie mark – which is more calories than anyone should eat in a single day.

To keep yourself from pigging out and breaking your healthy New Year’s resolution, The Calorie Control Council recommends pre-planning your game day menu. If you’re throwing the party,  include lower calorie appetizers and beverages. If you’re the guest at the party, Acknowledge that while there is a lot of food, you don’t have to try all of it.

Other helpful tips:  Volunteer to bring low-calorie dishes and diet soda instead of the full calorie options.Hit the veggie tray first and fill up on those before considering the other offerings. Minimize your mindless munching.  Limit your eating while watching the game and make it your goal to chat with each person at the party. Be sure to work out on game day and the following day – even a walk counts as physical activity. For more information, recipes, nutrition tips and a healthy weight tool kit, with online calorie and exercise calculators, visit