California’s Agricultural Vision – Help Shape the Future

Dan General, Industry News Release

ag vision bannerNearly eight years ago, the California State Board of Food and Agriculture began a strategic planning process for the state’s agriculture and food system that ultimately led to California Agricultural Vision.

Ag Vision was motivated by the rapidly growing list of challenges facing agriculture, from regulations and water supplies to urbanization and climate change. The report identified 12 strategies and corresponding action items to ensure long-term prosperity for California agriculture. This report is not a CDFA document, but serves as a guide.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture enthusiastically supports the Board’s decision to revisit the Ag Vision Challenges and strategies in light of the changes that have impacted agricultural since the report was drafted in 2010. the California State Board of Food and Agriculture appreciates your input on the following survey, asking your opinion/insight.

Please complete the survey at the link below by Aug. 26.

Ag Vision Survey