California Water Research Projects

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Could it be the answer to drought conditions? Several California programs are among nine research projects with new funding to look into desalination and water purification. Sabrina Hill has more.
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Nine groups will share more than $1.1 million in awards to support laboratory and pilot scale research studies in the field of water desalination and purification. Among the groups are three California projects.

Sephton Water Technology, Inc. of Kensington gets nearly $30,000 to test a prototype barometric evaporator at the existing pilot facility in Imperial County, Calif., which is currently testing the vertical tube evaporator technology. The goal of this project is to test the barometric evaporator prototype and apply the technology to provide steam generation for a vertical tube evaporator to treat water at the Salton Sea.

Trussell Technologies of Pasadena gets more than $149,000 to perform a process evaluation study on a unique, zero liquid discharge desalination system specifically being used for a small, rural community. This research will aid in development of zero liquid discharge water treatment system for small rural communities at a reasonable cost and with a realistic operation strategy.

And the – University of California, Los Angeles gets $150,000 for a new technology concept of cyclic reverse osmosis in order to obtain a smaller and mobile unit to treat impaired and underutilized water sources. It is expected that the operational and configuration flexibilities of this technology will enable a wide variety of water sources over a wider range of salinities while using optimal energy.

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