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California Growers Now Have Another Fungicide Tool for The Toolbox

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California growers have a new tool from BASF that can help fight diseases in grapes, tree nuts, stone, and pome fruit. BASF Technical Service Representative Dr. Kevin Caffrey said that growers are reporting Cevya fungicide is showing quite a bit of success against some of their toughest diseases. Cevya fungicide also a new active ingredient to give growers an opportunity to combat resistance.

“In grapes it is a fantastic powdery mildew product. There hadn’t been a new FRAC 3 class product in nearly 20 years. BASF developed Cevya from the ground up to have fantastic efficacy, fit with global regulatory needs and continue to be a strong product into the future,” said Caffrey. “It’s a brand-new standard that now everyone’s going to have compare themselves to Cevya.”