California Delegation Water Letter to Obama, Brown

Taylor Hillman General

Congressman David G. Valadao (CA-21) joined together with California Senator Jean Fuller (SD-18) in leading a letter to President Barack Obama and Governor Jerry Brown asking them to take immediate action to address the catastrophic effects of what is shaping up to be another dry water-year for California.

Over the last several years, naturally occurring dry conditions in the State of California have been exacerbated by government bureaucracy and environmental regulations that prevent water deliveries through the Delta.

Congressman Valadao and Senator Fuller were joined by all the members of the House Republican Conference’s California Delegation and 34 Members of the California State Senate and Assembly in urging President Obama and Governor Brown utilize their executive authority to alleviate the effects of drought. The letter also stresses the need for additional water storage and assured protections of water right priorities in order to ensure an affordable, reliable water supply for California’s families and farms. The full letter can be found here.

Congressman Valadao stated, “Like various regions in our State, my District in the Central Valley is extremely affected by this on-going man-made drought. Farmers and farm-workers, families, and communities throughout my District continue to suffer as the Endangered Species Act and other regulatory barriers have starved them of desperately needed water.” He continued, “I am excited to join my colleagues in the House, Senator Fuller and her colleagues in the California State Legislature as we work together to find a sensible solution for our constituents.”

“California cannot afford to wait any longer to address the lack of a reliable water storage and delivery system,” said Fuller. “The recent water allocation announcement by the California Department of Water Resources further highlights the dire situation we are facing for the coming years. This problem needs the immediate attention of both national and state leaders and needs action now. It is my hope that action is taken and I will continue to work with my Legislative colleagues and Congressional delegation on a solution that’s right for the whole of California.”

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) stated, “The announcement last month of an initial 5% allocation for our farmers and small businesses is unacceptable, and puts the livelihoods of hardworking Californians in Central and Southern California in jeopardy. Our farmers and businesses deserve to receive the water they contract and pay for, but the environmental regulations in the Delta prioritize fish over people. A stable and adequate water supply is critical for our local community and our state, and we will continue to fight for immediate action to be taken to increase vital water supplies for our communities to flourish.”

To read the full letter, click here.