California Cattle Council Seeking Industry Input on Strategic Plan

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California Cattle Council

The California Cattle Council (Council) is encouraging industry members to participate in a survey to help guide the process for developing its strategic plan.  The purpose of the online survey is to hear from those in the industry in order to better address concerns as the Council moves forward.

“It’s one of those things; if you want to spend five minutes or two hours, we’ll appreciate the input,” said Dave Daley, Council Chair. “Anybody who raises cattle – dairy, beef, range, feedlot, traditional producers, non-conventional producers – we want their input in terms of what’s the most effective way to use these resources to benefit the entire cattle community.” 

The Council will be using the strategic plan to provide a framework to fulfill the mission of supporting the cattle industry in the most critical areas. One of the immediate concerns expressed by industry members is the need to work with legislators and regulators to educate them on the issues facing the industry.  “A strategic planning firm actually is going to collate [the survey results] and summarize it so when we sit down with our team we’ve really got the input we need from as many people as we can that are out in the business,” Daley noted.

The California Cattle Council was established last year after an industry vote approved its creation.  The Council is funded through an assessment on cattle sold, with the stipulation that the money stays in California to address issues concerning industry members in the state.  Daley noted that so far, the response from the industry has been positive.

“There’s a refund provision built in for people who would rather not participate and frankly the requests at this point are really minimal,” said Daley.  “Right now, we’re in a really good spot and we take that commitment of producers to trust us really seriously. We’ve got a great Council that represents all sectors and I think every one of us wants to see this money out and doing some good and try and maybe help with some of the challenges we face.”

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