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California Cattle Council Details Priorities in Strategic Plan

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The California Cattle Council has outlined some areas of emphasis in its strategic plan that was officially approved back in May.  Executive Director of Council, Justin Oldfield explained to AgNet West that the plan was something industry members can be proud of. The plan highlights four strategic priorities to focus on moving forward.

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“By far the top two are certainly where the Cattle Council has determined where the majority of its dollars will be spent and I think is in line with why producers overwhelmingly voted to support the formation of the council and that’s advocacy and public affairs work. so public outreach and engagement,” Oldfield noted. “There’s also a research component and a regulatory compliance component.”

The plan also emphasizes coordination and cooperation with other industry groups. The California Cattle Council will work to maintain strong partnerships as part of its strategy to advance research and engagement. Oldfield explained that through supporting other industry efforts, the Cattle Council can maximize the efficacy of its budget. “This is really meant to ensure that upwards of 90 percent of the funds that we bring in go out on the ground to support projects that producers care about,” Oldfield noted.

The strategic plan was developed under advisement of industry members to ensure producers are receiving the type of support they voted for with the establishment of the council. Oldfield described the plan as a “living document” and that industry members are encouraged to participate in the actions of the council. Each of the strategic priorities will be continually monitored and measured against benchmarks to ensure effective progress is being made.

“It’s highly important and very critical for us that we not only measure the success of the work that we’re doing but also we do it in a way that’s efficient,” said Oldfield. “We want to make sure that we are being good stewards of the dollars that are entrusted to us by producers of this state.”

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