California Agriculture Day Celebration at the State Capitol

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California Agriculture Day is an annual event to celebrate the state’s agricultural community by highlighting the hard work of farmers and the variety of commodities they produce.  The day will also bring state legislators, government leaders, and the public together to learn more about agricultural production in California.California Agriculture Day

The California Ag Day at State Capital event is taking place on the west steps of the California State Capitol grounds.   “This is a long-running event,” said California Women for Agriculture President Sara Reid Herman, “with some great vendors, great food, great takeaways and I know it’s a highlight of most legislator’s weeks to be able to go out and connect with agriculture.”

The event is being hosted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), in collaboration with California Women for Agriculture and the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC).  CDFA Secretary Karen Ross and CFAITC Executive Director Judy Culbertson will be joining Herman in addressing attendees at the event.

Herman noted that her message stems from the devastating fires that took place in northern and southern California.  “One of the things that we are acutely focused on this year as an organization is the importance of how strong we are when we come together…We are so much more powerful when we have a unified voice and when we bring that together and we bring our numbers together we can definitely be heard on a larger stage.”

The theme of this year’s event is “Climate-smart, California Grown” to showcase the environmental stewardship and overall adaptability of California growers.  “Farmers and ranchers are the original stewards of the environment and for us to continue to have sustainable businesses we have to continue to roll with the punches, whatever they may be,” said Herman.

The 2018 California Agriculture Day coincides with the annual National Agriculture Day that is organized by the Agriculture Council of America which recognizes the enormous impact that agriculture has across the United States.

Listen to Herman’s interview.

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