California ACP, HLB Funding Survives COVID Impacted Budget

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HLB Funding

State funding to continue the fight against huanglongbing disease and the pest that spreads it remains in the recent revision of the budget.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has some tough decisions to make when revising the state’s budget that leadership reported had a $60 billion deficit swing during the first four months of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the programs that didn’t see any cuts was the $5 million dedicated to controlling the spread of HLB disease and the Asian citrus psyllid. California Citrus Mutual President Casey Creamer said that decision shows the industry is getting its message across. 

Creamer added it’s a group effort to fund California’s ACP and HLB efforts, such as the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program.

Listen to the radio report.

California ACP, HLB Funding Survives COVID Impacted Budget
Adult Asian citrus psyllid on a citrus leaf.
USDA/ARS Photo by David Hall
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