CalAgJobs Fundraising Efforts to Benefit California FFA

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This is the second year of the CalAgJobs fundraising partnership with the California Future Farmers of America (FFA) to sell specially designed t-shirts that highlight the importance of agriculture and the FFA program.

“At CalAgJobs we like to give back to the agricultural community,” said Marketing and Communications Director for CalAgJobs Miranda Driver, “a 100 percent of the proceeds goes directly to the California FFA Foundation, and they use that to support their programs.”

The shirts were being offered at this year’s World Ag Expo and feature a California grizzly bear along with the phrase “California Gold” with the California FFA logo incorporated in the text.  “It’s just like a play on words,” said Driver, “California agriculture is the gold of California and FFA is the gold standard of ag education.”

Driver designed the shirts once again this year and noted the creative process was a bit more problematic.  The shirt went through a couple of different drafts before a final decision was agreed upon.  “The design process is kind of difficult, this year it was actually much more challenging than it was last year,” Driver said.

The fundraising campaign is a collaborative effort between the company and the many different FFA members who assist with selling the shirts.  The endeavor also allows local FFA chapters to meet and get to know the California FFA state officers. “It’s a really great way to get the state officers networking with local students,” Driver noted.

The CalAgJobs fundraising efforts are part of the company’s larger mission to help enhance the quality of the state’s agriculture industry.  As a company, CalAgJobs helps to connect agricultural employers in California with qualified potential employees.  CalAgJobs was recently awarded a USDA grant to promote specialty crops, allowing the company to host free internship listings.  “The idea behind it is that we want to try and move students into the crop sciences and plant sciences,” said Driver.


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