CA Egg Lawsuit Dismissed

Taylor HillmanCattle, Poultry

chicken and eggsA lawsuit against a California law has been shut down by a federal judge. The lawsuit was filed by six states, which have companies that sell eggs in California. Sabrina Hill has more.

Egg Lawsuit Dismissed
The complicated issue all started several years ago, when a law was passed in California requiring egg producers to uphold chicken housing standards that are higher than in other states. Next came a law that said any company that sold eggs in California would have to meet those same standards. That law is set to take effect in January. But the state attorneys for Missouri, Nebraska, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Iowa all sued, saying it would cost their egg producers too much money to comply with the California regulations. It costs California egg producers just as much to change their cages, however the lawsuit claimed the California law violates the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution by imposing the requirements on the out-of-state farmers.

The federal court judge dismissed the suit. However, the states do have the option of appealing the decision.