Brazil Could Clear U.S. GMO Corn Imports This Fall

Dan Corn, Industry News Release, Technology

GMO sign-Brazil
Brazil’s agriculture ministry is seeking the approval of U.S. GMO corn imports as the country’s livestock, and poultry producers struggle with tight supplies and rising domestic prices. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports Brazil’s National Bio-safety Technical Commission will meet September first to address the potential approval of U.S. GMO corn imports. The Commission is reportedly under heavy political pressure to approve the measure. Meanwhile, China is pushing for GMO soybean production within its borders. The latest five-year science and technology plan from China outlines plans for the country to approve the commercialization of GMO soybean production for food and feed use by 2020. The plan also calls for the commercialization of GMO corn production. While GMO soybean production will face stiff opposition, China is seeking to increase soybean output and encourage more crop rotations with corn.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.