SGMA BMP Survey Deadline Extended

Taylor Hillman Drought, Water

BMP survey

Best Management Practices (BMP) Survey Deadline Extended Thru August 8

The DWR Sustainable Groundwater Management Program has developed a BMP Survey to help rank initial BMP development for the sustainable management of groundwater basins. The survey is an opportunity for practitioners and members of the public to provide direct input on the BMPs considered of importance in their respective basins.

The Survey proposes a number of potential BMPs respondents can rank and asks if there are additional BMPs respondents would like addressed. The survey requires respondents to identify their name and affiliation. Upon completion of the survey, respondents will receive a confirmation email with a copy of their submittal.

Importance of Participating in BMP Survey

California Farm Water Coalition Mike Wade says growers should pay attention to these BMPs and voice their concerns. “BMP’s will probably end up being the regulations we have to live by,” Wade warns. Listen and read to the full story from Wade on BMP’s.