Blueberry Growers Form Alliance to Address Market Issues

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Blueberry growers from across the U.S. are banning together to form a more unified front to support the industry. Blueberry producers have come together to establish the American Blueberry Growers Alliance in an effort to combat some of the harm the industry is experiencing due to rising imports. The Alliance includes blueberry growers in California, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan.

The new coalition will provide supplemental support to an ongoing U.S. International Trade Commission investigation related to the damages caused by increased imports of fresh, chilled and frozen blueberries. Alliance members are seeking federal support to use existing trade laws to address issues with blueberry imports to help preserve and enhance domestic production. The Alliance is also wanting to raise awareness about the increase in blueberry exports potentially exposing American consumers to products from countries that do not have the same, stringent food safety protocols.

Listen to the radio report below.

Blueberry Growers Form Alliance to Address Market Issues
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