Biostimulant Council Formed to Encourage Better Biostimulant Regulation

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Industry groups are joining forces to form a Biostimulant Council to help advance development within the biostimulant sector. The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) and the Biostimulant Coalition recently made a formal agreement to establish the council. Interest in biostimulants has been growing in recent years but there has been some ambiguity in their regulatory framework. The new council hopes to bring more certainty to the biostimulant industry and make their availability to farmers easier.

Biostimulant Council

“The partnership with TFI will provide the Biostimulant Coalition with all the tools we need to continue serving the membership we have, as well as growing those offerings,” Biostimulant Coalition Executive Director, David Beaudreau said in a press release. “TFI brings to the table a high functioning team of professionals and a full suite of legal, policy, regulatory, and communications resources.”

A lack of understanding has made the regulatory environment difficult for the biostimulant sector. The council hopes to bring about a clearer definition of biostimulants With the Biostimulant Coalition joining TFI it provides momentum for advancing policy and encouraging regulatory updates to spur research and innovation in the biostimulant market.

“We are happy to welcome the Biostimulant Coalition under the TFI umbrella,” said TFI President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch. “Biostimulants are an important and growing area of crop nutrition. The Biostimulant Coalition has achieved great success as the voice of an emerging industry and we are excited about the potential to achieve even more with the additional resources of TFI fully behind the effort.”

The Biostimulant Council will pool the resources of both TFI and the Biostimulant Coalition. TFI recently merged with the Micronutrient Manufacturers Association and is the biggest trade association representing the nation’s fertilizer industry. The non-profit Biostimulant Coalition represents industry members involved in the production of a variety of materials including amino acids and fulvic acids. Working together as the Biostimulant Council, the groups aim to forge an improved path to market for biostimulant products.

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