Biologicals On Conference Agendas Prove Interest

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The inclusion of biological topics on major conference agendas demonstrates the increased interest from growers.

Western region growers and crop advisors gathered virtually this year for the California Association of Pest Control Advisers‘ annual conference. One of the conference sessions was a talk from UC Davis Professor of Plant Sciences Dr. Patrick Brown who was discussing biostimulants. Brown said it is exciting to see biological categories being included in agricultural conferences and it points to the fact that producers are wanting to know more about the category.

Dr. Brown and his team have been working on a standardized field test for biostimulants. The pandemic halted progress on that but they have tested 18 products in the trial and intend to do more to help growers decipher what may be better in the field. 

This conversation was just a piece of the full interview with Dr. Brown for the latest episode of the Making Sense of Biologicals series. You can listen to the entire episode at

Listen to the radio report. 

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