Better Crop Management Through The Web

Taylor Hillman General, Tree, nut & vine crops

Michael Cahn
The UC Cooperative Extension is testing web-based software to help growers better manage their crops with less water and nitrogen.

UC Cooperative Extension Advisor Michael Cahn is helping lettuce and broccoli growers in Monterey County test drive the new software based program, called crop manage.
Growers just need a smart phone or tablet to use the program out in the fields to see how long they should irrigate and how much nitrogen is needed.
On the Extension’s website, Cahn explains that growers make use a UC database filled with easy to follow recommendations.
Cahn says growers save money and help protect the environment.
He hopes to add information for other crops like strawberries and tree fruit in the future.
The UC advisor is holding a mini Crop Manage workshop at the Monterey County Ag Center in Salinas on February 26th.