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Best Indoor Trees to Connect to the Outdoors

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indoor trees

If you are one of those people that are unable to get outdoors much, but love it, Cathy Isom has just the plan. In today’s program, she tells you about the best indoor trees for your home. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Best Indoor Trees to Connect to the Outdoors
Ponytail Palm

Indoor trees can make your home feel connected to the outdoors without all the bugs, rain, and dirt. Not only do living trees look phenomenal but they smell fresh and add greenery to your life even when everything outside is dormant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Two big factors to consider when growing trees indoors are light and water. Just like any other houseplant, trees have specific light and water needs. Make sure you check out what they need before you decide where to put them.

You can supplement sunlight with a grow light if you don’t have the perfect place indoors. You can also move plants around to take advantage of the best light.

Remember water is important BUT, be careful not to overwater your trees. That’s actually more harmful then forgetting to water. Moist, but not wet, soil is best for most trees. Let them dry out in between watering and make sure they have nice deep pots with good drainage.

Areca Palm

Some of the best indoor trees to consider include:  Areca Palms, Banana Trees, Fiddle Leaf Figs, Madagascar Dragon Trees, Norfolk Palm Trees, Ponytail Palms, and Umbrella Plants, to name a few.

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