Benefits of No-Dig Garden Beds

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benefitsCathy Isom gives us the benefits about a popular way to garden without all of the dirty work. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Benefits of No-Dig Garden Beds

Imagine a garden where you never have to lift a shovel, dig into the ground and turn up the soil. You just create your garden by piling organic matter on top of the dirt and soil that’s already there without disturbing nature. It’s called a benefitsno dig garden bed and the practice is catching on.

No dig beds are a drastically different approach to that of contemporary tilled farming. Not digging and turning the soil means not disturbing all of the microorganisms, worms, insects, fungi and more that are helping keep the ground underneath so healthy. Another advantage of not digging is not having to use chemicals or pesticides on the area that’s been tilled and cleaned up. If we are not turning up the earth we are also not exposing it to the weather elements, such as sun and rain, which could also disturb the soil life.

On tomorrow’s This Land of Ours, the surprisingly easy way to build your very own no dig garden bed.

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