Beef, Pork Imports in China Growing

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release

Hanging meat beef
The U.S. Department of Agriculture office in China expects the nation will import 950,000 metric tons of beef in 2017, a gain of 19 percent from 2016. The U.S. could get some of that business now that China has lifted its long-standing ban on U.S. beef. But before such trade takes place, the countries must negotiate export protocol. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports initial import numbers from the U.S. will likely be modest, “mainly due to the relatively higher prices of U.S. beef.” USDA also expects a rise in hog and pork prices to encourage a recovery in China’s hog herd, which should limit the country’s import needs in 2017. USDA forecasts pork imports at 2.2 million metric tons, up eight percent from 2016. However, the U.S. is not expected to get much of this business due to China’s restrictions on ractopamine as well as the strong dollar.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.