Beef Industry Largely Rebounding from Initial Pandemic Challenges

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Beef Industry

The beef industry is largely rebounding from the initial challenges that COVID-19 presented earlier in the year. The pandemic created a significant strain on the beef supply chain early on. Shifts in markets caused a bottleneck in some areas, while processors experienced a slowdown. Despite the difficulties of 2020, there has been some positive movement in the beef sector.

“We’re seeing at the retail space, of all the meat proteins, beef has done the best and is actually gaining more market share. The number of consumers who say that they’re eating beef once per week has increased from 67 to 72 percent,” said Greg Hanes, Cattlemen’s Beef Board CEO. “So, there’s been a lot of positives here and that demand for beef has been very strong here and abroad. The same things are happening internationally. It’s been challenging, but it’s been positive.”

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Beef Industry Largely Rebounding from Initial Pandemic Challenges
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