Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program Grower Alert

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BCTV Grower Alert for March 11, 2015

The Beet Curly Top Virus Control Program (BCTVCP) personnel observed very high beet leafhopper (BLH) counts the first week of March. BLHs were mostlybeet leafhopper_nymph nymphs between the second and fourth instar with few spring adults. BLH counts averaged 30-50 adults and nymphs per 10 sweeps. In some locations, counts have been as high as 100 BLHs per 10 sweeps. A “normal” spring count would be an average of 10-12 adult BLHs and five to six nymphs per 10 sweeps.

Treatment is currently focused on Fresno and Kings counties where BLH populations are high. BLH counts are minimal at this time in Kern, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus counties.

Treatment preparations were made last week, and the spring treatment campaign began on March 9. The spray campaign will face several challenges, such as, wind, rain and heat. However, the program is exploring all available options to treat as much of the population as possible. The program has identified a total of 54,974 acres to be treated so far.