Bacteria Causing Bushy Top Syndrome

Taylor HillmanSpecialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Pistachio growers got an update on the still new bushy top syndrome that is worrying the industry.

Bacteria Causing Bushy Top Syndrome

Some growers are still finding out about the bushy top syndrome that showed up in the pistachio industry only a few years ago. Research associate professor at New Mexico State University, Dr. Jennifer Randall, took on looking at bushy top in 2013 under funding from the California Pistachio Research Board, and she was able to determine the syndrome is caused by a bacteria known as rhodococcus.

Bacteria Strands Always Found Together

The bacteria has two isolates and Randall says those two were always found together in their tests. When the isolates are both on the tree, they affect the tree a little differently than other bacteria.