AZ/CA/NV Direct Feeder Cattle Review


Confirmed: 900

Holstein Cattle FeederCompared to last week, not enough head traded to establish trend. A few loads of Holstein steers for March delivery traded. Bulk of supply consisted of Holstein steers weighing 300-325 lbs. Heifers accounted for 0 percent of total supply. Cattle weighing over 600 lbs. totaled 0 percent.

Unless otherwise stated, prices fob shipping point with 2-3 percent shrink or equivalent with 5-10 cent slide on calves, 3-6 cent slide on yearlings from base weight. Delivered prices include freight, commissions and other expenses.

Steers: (100%)

Medium and large 1&2:

Large 3: 300 lbs. 270.00 Mar Del; 325 lbs. 306.00 Mar Del.

Large #3 Holstein steers
Head Wt. Range Avg. Weight Price Range Avg. Price Delivery
150 300 300 270.00 270.00 Mar. Delivery
750 325 325 306.00 306.00 Mar. Delivery