Superbowl: Avocados

Taylor HillmanFeatures, This Land of Ours

fresh avacado
What’s green, tasty and is expected to be a hit at this year’s super bowl party? That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

This Land of Ours – SuperBowl Avocados

Though people think that avocado sales peak on holidays like the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo, avocados actually experience their greatest demand on Super Bowl Sunday.

In fact, Americans are expected to eat some 139 million pounds of avocados (about 278 million individual avocados) in the run-up to and on this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, up 13% from 2015. That’s according to an estimate from the Calif.-based Hass Avocado Board. Mexico will likely account for about 95% of this year’s shipments

At $3 a pound, that means that more than $400 million will be spent on avocados. And, Americans will need about 14 million pounds of chips to dip and eat all of that guacamole. This total would be enough to fill a football field end zone more than 53 feet deep with avocados — 8 feet over the goal posts!