Avocado Production Using a Trellis System?

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Avocado Production Trellis System
A frame of Allesbeste Nursery’s video on trellising trials in South Africa

California avocado production could start to include the use of trellis systems if future research shows that the practice is viable. A recent partnership with Eurosemillas will bring some important funding support to the avocado varietal breeding program at UC Riverside. Program Leader, Mary Lu Arpaia said she’s looking forward to conducting some new research, which could include evaluating trellis systems in avocado production.

Listen to the radio report below.

The primary variety used in high density trellising is called Maluma. The variety is proprietary to South Africa but has been brought to California and is in quarantine awaiting release. The California Avocado Commission detailed some of Allesbeste’s work with high-density trellis systems and the viability of the production style in California.

Allesbeste Nursery produced this video documenting their trials.

Allesbeste Nursery explaining their trellis system with the Maluma variety
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