Autumn Homesteading Activities

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homesteadingAutumn is a busy time in the world of homesteading. Cathy Isom gives you a list of the seasonal chores you’ll want to do right now to keep you on track for winter and spring. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Autumn Homesteading Activities

Some of the chores we do during Autumn will almost guarantee to keep us warm and fed during the winter months, as well as prepare us for the many gifts that will await us in the spring.

If you haven’t thought about these things already, you’ll want to add these two tasks to your Autumn chores to do list. From the simplest things such as seed harvesting to storing and canning fruits and veggies don’t forget to make cider from those Autumn apples and pears, including cider vinegar.

Some of your outdoor Autumn chores should include raking up or blowing the extra foliage. As well as getting a start on mulching. It may also be a good time to begin thinking about winterizing your home, from protecting your pipes to putting away the outdoor summer furniture and even garden hoses and other tools until next year. And last but not least, remember to get the backup power supplies ready in the event of that inevitable harsh winter storm. Autumn is also a good time to cut and gather firewood.

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