Programs Help Producers Reach Dust Reduction Goals

Taylor Hillman AgNeTVideo, Nuts & Grapes

Assistance programs are helping nut producers around the state reach their dust reduction goals. Kern County producer Bret Sill with Sill Properties said taking advantage of programs that help growers transition to newer, low-dust equipment is a ‘no brainer’. Sill traded in one harvester a few years ago, and the deal was so good they decided to do it again. Retailers like Kern Machinery where Sill purchased his equipment can help point producers in the right direction to take advantage of assistance programs. The Almond Board of California said these programs help the industry meet their Almond Orchard 2025 Goals, one of which is to reduce dust at harvest by 50 percent.

Find out more about NRCS assistance funding or the San Juaquin Air Valley Air Board program.