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Last Day to Apply for Conservation Stewardship Program is May 10

Brian German Agri-Business, USDA-NRCS

Conservation Stewardship Program

Producers have only a short time left to submit their applications for the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).  Applications will need to be received no later than May 10 in order to be considered for 2019 funding.  The conservation program was reauthorized through the 2018 Farm Bill, with important changes made to how the program will be administered.

“CSP continues to be a very effective tool for private landowners working to achieve their conservation and management goals,” said Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Chief Matthew Lohr. “It is the largest conservation program in the United States with more than 70 million acres of productive agricultural and forest land enrolled.”

Farmers and ranchers can obtain financial assistance through CSP to help further efforts in conservation activities.  There is a vast amount of options available that would be eligible for the program for landowners who wish to address resource conservation.  Activities designed to improve soil health and protect water quality include ecologically based pest management, cover cropping and establishing buffer strips.  Efforts to increase and manage the habitat of pollinators and other beneficial insects are also considered appropriate CSP activities.

“CSP helps agricultural producers in California take their conservation activities on their farm or ranch to the next level of conservation stewardship,” said NRCS California State Conservationist Carlos Suarez.

Participation in CSP is ideal for agricultural operations working to extend benefits achieved through the implementation of conservation management practices.  CSP also encourages the adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as advanced irrigation techniques and precision nutrient application.

Anyone interested in the Conservation Stewardship Program will need to show records of previous management activities and disclose any participation in other NRCS management practices in the past to be competitive in the application process.  Those looking to apply by the May 10 deadline are encouraged to contact their local USDA service center or visit the NRCS website.

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