API: Forcing Year-round E15 Sales a Concern

DanEnergy, Industry News Release

While the Trump administration was met with applause from many in agriculture in suggesting it will grant an E15 summertime waiver, to allow sales year-round, oil industry officials are expressing concern.

yearThe American Petroleum Institute says forcing higher ethanol fuel blends into the marketplace “could have negative consequences for the American consumer.” API claims higher ethanol blends, such as E15, can harm engines and fuel systems and, and potentially force drivers to pay for unexpected and costly repairs themselves.

An API spokesperson says: “The industry plans to consider all options to prevent such a waiver.” The waiver would grant exempt E15 fuels from Ried Vapor Pressure requirements that are currently limited E15 sales. The waiver talks come as the oil industry complained about RIN prices, seeking a cap.

However, ethanol supporters say the E15 waiver to allow year-round sales will lower RIN prices, and provide consumers more options at the pump.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.