Livestock Health and Need for Antibiotics

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antibiotics in livestock
Antibiotics in agriculture are critical to animal health. With several restaurants changing policy to source meat from animals that have not been exposed to growth promoting antibiotics or antibiotics altogether, the National Pork Producers Council says it’s critical to remember the important role antibiotics play in animal agriculture. Micheal Clements reports.

Antibiotics in livestock

Dallas Hockman is the vice president of industry relations for NPPC. Hockman says American pig farmers have always been dedicated to raising healthy animals to ensure a safe food supply. He says farmers strategies includes using antibiotics while striving to reduce the overall need to use them to ensure human health.

Hockman says pork producers weigh the factors of antibiotics use, including animal health, food safety and cost.

Last week, NPPC, along with the National Pork Board, submitted a letter in the Wall Street Journal to Subway regarding its new antibiotics in livestock policy. That followed unsuccessful attempts to seek clarification on the policy which led to the open letter.