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USDA Revises Angus Certification Requirements

Dan Dairy & Livestock, Industry News Release

angus certificationThe USDA Ag Marketing Service announced this week that it’s revising the live animal specification used for all Angus Certification Programs. The goal is to reflect changes in cattle genetics and marketing, with the proposals to take effect on July 1. A Meating Place Dot Com article says the revised specifications for phenotypic evaluations require that cattle have a main body that’s solid back with no color behind the shoulder, above the flanks, or breaking the midline behind the shoulder. Those color requirements do exclude the tail. The current requirements (Schedule GLA) say that cattle must be 51 percent black, along with other exclusionary criteria. AMS officials say the current Schedule GLA has served the industry well. “As cattle genetics change over time,” the announcement says, “opportunities for updates should be considered that better reflect the current populations and marketplace.” The goal of the new requirements is to provide more objective criteria for identifying eligible cattle. The agency also mentioned it’s making the changes in response to a request from beef industry stakeholders.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.