Going Against the Ancient Grain

Taylor Hillman AgNeTVideo, Grain, Organic, Seeds

ancient grain
Kandarian Organic Farms Owner Larry Kandarian produces some age-old crops on beautiful land in Los Osos. He says some of his crops should be referred to as a forgotten crop rather than an ancient grain. Growing some of them isn’t easy and yields aren’t overwhelming, but Kandarian says the point is to remind the general public about these foods and to keep seed lines pure.

Kandarian grows some fairly unheard of crops like Kamut, teff, kala, blue tinge farro and fennel pollen among many others. He also grows some more common foods like chia seed, black barley and flax.

The Whole Grains Council says there isn’t a true definition for the term “ancient grain” as all of them have long lineages. Kandarian says his goal is to remind people of these crops while educating on how to use and prepare them. Kandarian Organic Farm products can be found in many Central Coast stores and farmers’ markets.

You can listen to Kandarian’s full interview here.