American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Provides Resources for Educators

Brian GermanEducation

Foundation for Agriculture

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has created educational resources for teachers and parents of all backgrounds across the county. The Executive Director of the organization, Daniel Meloy, works closely with educational groups to produce innovative methods of educating children about agriculture.

Created in November 1967, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture was founded with the sole purpose of researching agricultural science and mechanization. It has since grown to study agricultural education and literacy, as well as work to improve agricultural literacy in the United States. “The foundation builds awareness, understanding, and a positive public perception of agriculture through education,” Meloy said.

This organization focuses on the education of elementary, middle, and high school students. The resources provided by the organization are oriented towards teachers and parents both with and without agricultural backgrounds to aid in the educational experience.

 “[I] make sure we have the resources to be able to fulfill our mission,” Meloy said. “Basically, it comes down to helping kids understand where their food comes from.”

The foundation creates a variety of resources, including an educational package known as an AgMag, physical and digital games about agriculture, and a more advanced problem-solving competition for high school students called the Purple Plow Challenge. “When kids can learn about something and don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re playing a game, that’s always a good thing,” Meloy said.

On top of the games and resources produced by the foundation, a more recent endeavor has been the creation of their publishing group. For years, the organization has recommended agricultural books to educators, but now they are beginning to produce their own books under the name Feeding Minds Press.

All of these resources make agriculture education easier, more accessible, and more natural for kids, parents, and teachers across the nation. These resources will continue to grow and change depending on the needs and interests of the American public.