Almond Update: Whole Orchard Recycling Highlighted in Mini-Doc

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Whole Orchard Recycling

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has put together a mini-documentary highlighting the evolution of whole orchard recycling (WOR) in California. The video, ‘RESILIENCE: The Whole Orchard Recycling Origin Story,’ focuses on the story of Dr. Brent Holtz and his experience with WOR. Senior Manager of Industry Relations and Communications for ABC, Jenny Nicolau said the video centers on “how a single idea can spark a change for an entire industry.”

Throughout the video, Dr. Holtz details his experience growing up on the farm and how the seed for WOR was planted early in his life. For more than 30 years he has been researching the practice to better understand the multitude of benefits that it can provide for growers. WOR can help to improve water holding capacity, increase soil organic matter, and increase yields. Deciding what to do at the end of an orchard’s productive life can be difficult. WOR offers growers a chance to still get value from their old trees. “The benefits of whole orchard recycling means you’re not just ripping out 25 years of history and work but you’re really reincorporating that into the success and the future of the next orchard you plant,” Nicolau explained.

ABC has a host of other documents and videos covering a wide array of industry topics, but Nicolau explained the mini-documentary was the first of its kind for them. The new video serves to complement the additional resources already available to industry members interested in learning more about WOR.

“Growers can learn more, and they can actually download the whole orchard recycling guide which is a complete how-to and it also outlines some benefits and considerations,” said Nicolau “So really some great resources, how-to videos, grower guides, and this documentary on Brent Holtz and his life and his research, I think is that cherry on top.”

Listen to Nicolau’s interview below.

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