Almond Update: Volunteer Opportunities Help Growers Stay Connected

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There are several ways for Almond growers to stay connected to the industry with low requirements. The Almond Board of California utilizes committees, subcommittees, and working groups to get grower feedback and make sure they are operating in the best interest of producers. Stan Chance, a grower in the San Juaquin Valley, is a longtime volunteer on these panels and said it’s a great experience that helps him stay connected and make sound decisions for his operation. 

Listen to Chance’s full interview.

Almond Update: Volunteer Opportunities Help Growers Stay Connected
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Although you can apply to be on a committee or working group year-round, there is a deadline to seat the members for the upcoming year. June 30 is the deadline for next year, with panel members selected by August. 

For more information on each committee as well as ‘Statements of Interest,’ head to the ‘About the Almond Board’ section of ABC’s website. All Statements of Interest should be completed using the online form provided. Industry members with questions can email Lynn Jordan at the Almond Board.

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