Almond Update: ‘Tremendous Opportunity for Growth’ in Indian Market

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The Indian market is already a substantial one for California almonds. However, there is potential for even further market development. Clarice Turner recently visited India for the first time in her capacity as President and CEO of the Almond Board of California (ABC). Turner and an ABC delegation went to the region back in February.

Indian Market

“My take on India is that there’s a tremendous opportunity for growth,” Turner explained. “That population is also growing and is now the largest in the world and has favorable macroeconomic conditions at this point. And also political; which adds a layer of stability which makes markets attractive.”

Outside consultants Deloitte also highlighted the Indian market as a good opportunity for growth. With half of India’s population under 30 and a rising awareness of health and nutrition, there’s a burgeoning demand for almonds. India’s cultural inclination towards almonds also adds another layer of promise. “Deloitte particularly identified fresh nuts and snack nuts as a short-term opportunity and then confection and more ingredient-based ice cream, snack bars, and breakfast cereal as longer-term potential growth areas,” said Turner.

The trip to India also included the hosting of an almond conference and attending the renowned Gulfood show. Turner stressed the importance of collaboration across different segments of the agricultural industry to address shared challenges and leverage opportunities effectively. Taking part in the events in India allowed ABC to demonstrate the value of California almonds while learning from other industry members about the complexities of the market.

“We’re all facing so many of the very same things and in many cases, people who are doing business in one channel are also doing it in another,” Turner noted. “It’s always great to hear the insights that are coming from different categories to figure out how we can collaborate together and how we can learn from each other. Frankly, because we share a lot of the same opportunities and a lot of the same pain.”

Information on this and other ABC marketing efforts is available online.

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Brian German
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