Almond Update: Spider Mites the Focus of Next Training Tuesday

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Spider Mites
Almond Board of California

Mites can be a frustrating issue for almond growers. Research over the last several years has identified a shift in what producers need to do in order to manage the pest. “It used to be that predatory mites were the main beneficial arthropod out there helping to control mites but that has changed,” UC Cooperative Extension Advisor David Haviland said. “Almond growers have gotten a lot greener. They’ve gotten away from the organophosphates, particularly in the dormant season. As that’s gone, pyrethroid has gone down. We’ve seen a big shift in the natural enemies for spider mites.”

At the Almond Board of California’s next ‘Training Tuesday’,  Haviland will detail how growers need to monitor for both the pest and its natural enemies to ultimately treat only when necessary. 

Listen to Haviland’s full interview.

Almond Update: Spider Mites the Focus of Next Training Tuesday

Register for the ‘How to Combat Webspinning Mites’ at The training runs from 8:00 am – 9:30 pm and RSVP’s are needed in advance for continuing education units.

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