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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is hosting a Soil Summit event in partnership with the Western Region Certified Crop Advisors and Chico State. The summit is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 31 at the CSU Chico University Farm Pavilion. ABC Chief Scientific Officer, Josette Lewis said the event will cover a variety of different topics related to soil health and management.

Soil Summit

“It’s very much oriented to a practical audience, so not a lot of PowerPoint presentations. A lot of discussion of experience from working CCAs and from growers and a great opportunity to learn some new tools that might work in your orchard,” said Lewis. “Every panel will have growers on them sharing their insight on different practices and what benefits they’ve seen and how they’ve actually implemented those practices.”

The event will begin by covering the basics of soil science and what that means for growers. There will also be information focused on soil chemistry and how that affects things such as nutrient management. Other topics of discussion include the relationship between soil structure and irrigation, as well as soil pests and disease management, and soil biology.

“We really wanted to focus not just on facts, but also how you can take that information and implement it through a variety of practices to help improve your soils. With the ultimate goal of improving your yield and your ease of management in the orchard,” Lewis explained. “It’s a great opportunity for growers, PCAs, and CCAs to learn the latest in research, hear from experts that can provide services, and also hear from their own peers.”

A total of 3.5 hours of Certified Crop Advisor continuing education units are available for the event, which includes one hour of Nutrient Management, 1.5 hours of Soil & Water Management, 0.5 hours of Integrated Pest Management, and 0.5 hours of Professional Development.

Registration for the Soil Summit is open now.

Listen to the interview below.

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