Almond Update: Sanitation a Must as Harvest Wraps Up

Taylor Hillman Almond Update, Nuts & Grapes


California is on the home stretch of the 2019 almond harvest with later varieties like Fritz and Monterey now coming off the trees. UC Cooperative Extension Entomology Farm Advisor David Haviland is reminding growers that they need to be thinking about sanitation plans to get as many hulls and shells out of the trees as possible. Last year, Haviland and his family won the Almond Board of California’s ‘Mummy Shake’ video contest that humorously reminds the industry about good sanitation practices.

Listen to Haviland’s full interview.

There’s still time to submit your ‘Mummy Shake’ video for this year’s contest. Go for the ‘Mummy Shake’ official rulesand to find more information about navel orangeworm management.