Almond Update: Regulatory Hurdles for India’s Incredible Market

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The Indian market has been a highlight for California almond producers over the last several years. When trade relations between the US and China soured in 2018, shipments of almonds declined to the nation because of new tariffs. Shipments to India immediately increased and have continued to grow over the last three years. ABC’s Vice President of Global Trade and Regulatory Affairs Julie Adams said the Indian market remains an incredible opportunity for the industry, but she also detailed major regulatory challenges for the region at the 2021 Virtual Almond Conference.

Also during the session, ABC’s India Regional Program Manager Sudarshan Mazumdar highlighted the growth and trends in the Indian market and detailed their active marketing strategies for the region. 

Watch the ‘India: Growing Through the Pandemic’ session at the 2021 Virtual Almond Conference below.

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