Almond Update: Promoting Almonds as A Versatile Food Ingredient

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is gearing up for a busy March, with plans to attend three major shows aimed at promoting almonds as a versatile and nutritious food ingredient. These events serve as crucial platforms for ABC to connect with diverse audiences, ranging from large-scale manufacturers to emerging startups. The American Food Innovate Summit, Natural Products Expo West, and Southern California Section IFT Suppliers Night Expo will provide ample opportunity to showcase the myriad of ways almonds can be incorporated into innovative food products.

Promoting Almonds

Charice Grace, ABC’s Manager of Trade Marketing and Stewardship, underscored the importance of these events in shaping the future of almond usage in the food industry. “Attending events like Natural Products Expo West and Food Innovate allows us to showcase almonds’ potential in various product developments and identify emerging trends in the food industry,” Grace stated.

With a focus on networking and engaging in discussions around innovation, these events provide an invaluable opportunity for ABC to demonstrate the versatility of almonds to industry professionals. “Our presence at events like Expo West is essential in driving consumer demand and ensuring that almonds remain a top choice for food professionals seeking innovative and nutritious ingredients,” Grace emphasized.

ABC is also engaged in other efforts promoting almonds in the food industry. The Tastemaker Trials competition is currently underway as a means to inspire innovative almond-based snack products. Now in its second year, the competition has been expanded to include all U.S. college and university students studying food science, culinary innovation, or any related degree areas. “This year we’re taking it a little bit further by putting a theme of ‘Intentional Indulgence,’ still trying to reach that Gen Z and younger Millennial, but excited that there is a bigger theme for people to really sink their teeth into,” Grace explained.

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Brian German
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