Almond Update: Preparing for Board of Directors Election Process

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is preparing for the election process for its Board of Directors. The 2024 elections will officially get underway on February 9 when the candidate declaration window opens. ABC Senior Specialist of Industry Communications, Taylor Hillman said that right now, it is important for growers to ensure their information is up to date with their handlers.

Election Process

“Every year we get inquiries from growers asking about ballots and where their ballot is and how to get a ballot. We just want to make sure that everybody has their physical mailing address up to date with handlers, because that’s the list that we use to send ballots to,” said Hillman. “Make sure that your physical mailing address is up to date with your handler, to make sure that you receive a ballot coming up in April.”

There are four open seats for the 2024 Board of Directors election, with opportunities for both growers and handlers. The last day for ABC to receive Letters of Intent and Grower Petitions is April 1. “Those ballots will be mailed out April 22. So, just a little over two months to make sure that your address is updated with your handler,” Hillman explained.

The election process presents a chance for individuals to actively shape the future of California almonds. Industry members have an opportunity to serve or just vote. serves as a comprehensive resource covering the entire election process.

“There’s a lot of information on there for anybody that’s even just the slightest bit curious. There’s even some frequently asked questions such as what qualifications are needed to run for a seat on the Board or what’s the alternate’s role on the Board, who’s allowed to vote in the election,” said Hillman. “There’s tons of information on the election process, both if you are actually running for a position or just a voting member.”

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