Almond Update: Pest Management Summit Comes to Modesto

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) is hosting a pest management summit in Modesto on February 21. Along with the Almond Conference, ABC hosts four summit events each year to keep industry members up to date on the latest research findings. The Integrated Pest Management and Navel Orangeworm Summit will be held at the Modesto Junior College Ag Pavilion. ABC Chief Scientific Officer, Josette Lewis said the event will be covering a variety of pest management topics.

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“The focus will be on integrated pest management for the most important pests and diseases of almonds. We’ll cover topics like Navel orangeworm, hull rot, plant bugs – a very significant emerging problem here in the almond industry,” Lewis noted. “We’ll also cover canker and then how to understand some practical tips from sitting down with your PCA and really looking at how things went over the past year and what you might treat for the coming year.”

The summit will also include a panel focused on precision technology for better management of pest issues. A variety of technologies, services, and products will be on display as part of the trade show component of the event. Registration for the free pest management summit is available online and will include a lunch. A total of four Continuing Education Units have been applied for with the Department of Pesticide Regulation.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to share both the latest research that is funded by growers through the Almond Board as well as really to hear from their peers and experts such as PCAs that work in the industry,” said Lewis. “So that growers can understand the tools that are available to them, hear how they work from their peers, and really use that information to make decisions on what they might do differently in their orchard this year to control the pests and diseases.”

Listen to Lewis’ interview below.

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