Almond Update: ‘Own Your Prime’ Campaign Outperforms Expectations

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) has seen remarkable success in the Own Your Prime campaign with Coach Prime, Deion Sanders. ABC’s Marketing Director for North America and China, Laura Morin said the partnership with Coach Prime surpassed expectations. It has been particularly valuable in television advertising during University of Colorado football games.

Own Your Prime

“The TV that we purchased, it actually over-delivered by 43 percent,” said Marin. “When it gets to dollars, that means for every thousand people that we reached, we actually paid $4 less than what we had intended to spend. So, when you add that up across the thousands and thousands and actually millions and millions of people we reached, that made our dollars go so much further.”

The Own Your Prime campaign has centered on fitness and exercise, with almonds having been shown to improve recovery response from physical activity. A highlight of the campaign has been Coach Prime’s presence at radio row leading up to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas back in February. “When we were at the Super Bowl he generated 15 top-tier placements for us. That was just from his presence at radio row and all those amazing one-to-one interviews that he did,” Morin explained.

As a fully integrated campaign, it included advertisements on national and cable TV, social media, and other outreach channels. Marin said that the partnership with Coach Prime has generated about 400 percent more high-profile media coverage when compared to previous campaigns.

“When you look at our campaign with him in totality, which is still running through April 30, we’ve generated a total of 108 placements with him. So that’s 108 stories about Coach Prime and California almonds,” Marin explained. “This number is about 5.5 times higher than what we’ve generated in the past. So that’s incredible.”

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Brian German
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