Almond Update: ‘Own Your Prime’ Campaign Aimed at Increasing Domestic Almond Demand

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The Almond Board of California (ABC) has launched a new effort to help increase domestic consumption of almonds. ABC Marketing Director for North America and China, Laura Morin said the campaign centers on fitness and exercise. The idea behind the campaign was to refocus on the U.S. market and highlight the nutritional value of almonds.

Own Your Prime

“We are so excited to announce this new partnership. It’s honestly the biggest campaign that the Almond Board has ever taken part in,” said Morin. “We are partnering with the one and only Hall of Fame athlete Deion Sanders, ‘Coach Prime’ himself, in our new campaign which is going to be called ‘Own Your Prime.’”

Research funded by ABC found that almonds have the capacity to improve recovery response from physical activity. Most adults in the study that ate almonds experienced less fatigue and tension during muscle recovery. “If you think about someone that has stayed in their prime and really repositioned themselves and stayed relevant to the world for over 30 years, Deion has done that. We thought if there’s anyone who knows about recovery and staying in their prime, it’s Deion Sanders. So that’s why we wanted to partner with Deion to bring this really exciting exercise research to life,” said Morin.

The Own Your Prime campaign is designed to reinvigorate interest among consumers. As a fully integrated approach, the campaign will include advertisements on national and cable TV, social media, and more. It will officially kick off with the beginning of the NCAA football season. Morin said the campaign has the capacity to reach a broad group of consumers.

“Coach Prime has very wide appeal. So does the idea of exercise and sports,” Morin explained. “So, our intent is to reach a really broad audience with this message. But hopefully come through in a way that is really bold, really breakthrough, and that people will notice and take attention to.”

Listen to Morin’s interview below.

Brian German
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